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Attending Trainers On Premises


Kind and knowledgeable barn staff are happy to provide individualized feed supplement and care for your equine partner.

Customized training programs are available for every rider beginner to advanced competitor.

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Gail DeStefano


Gail DeStefano is a Certified HSA Instructor who emphasizes on Natural Horsemanship using the Parelli method. Gail teaches at Highwind Farm, on Long Island (Dressage, Hunter, and Equitation,) and also writes a monthly column for the Horse Directory a Long Island equine publication. The project she is working on now is a new "Training Tips" video, teaching you, how you can trick train your horse using patience. Gail is available for lessons, training and clinics at Highwind Farm. Her horses can be seen on exhibit at the Hampton Classic each year.
Visit her website at:

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